Tim Tyler is a digital media content creator who loves to travel. On motorcycles, mostly.

Tim founded his video production company Inventive Pictures in Olympia, WA in 2005.

Tim has been uploading since 1995 and has created:

  • MOTOTREK – A YouTube series for adventure motorcycle travelers.
  • Cinematography.com – An education-based social media resource and marketplace for film students and professionals.
  • SteadicamForum.com – A global community of professional motion picture camera stabilization specialists.
  • Hundreds of videos for clients including Amazon, Microsoft, F5 Networks, WNET and the WA State Government.
  • Hundreds of web sites starting with Bill Nye the Science Guy in ’95 and ending with Preston Gates & Ellis in ’05.

He has worked professionally as a video producer, cinematographer, editor, gaffer, website designer, database developer, feature film location scout, commercial production assistant, theater manager and newspaper delivery boy.

What’s with the motorcycles, you ask? Checkout the Backstory.