The Delivery – SIFF Fly Film

A romantic vignette, directed by Virginia Bogert (from a script by Heather-Renee Ayres and Ixaac Paul Ackley), dealing with “an isolated writer and a sweetly shy delivery girl.” Tim shot this short film in 2006 for the Seattle International Film Festival’s Fly Film event on a 720p JVC HDV camcorder provided by the festival sponsor. The Fly Film Challenge for 2006 was to create a 10 minute film in 5 shoot days, five editing days, with 5 tapes. And Seattle’s local icon The Space Needle had to appear in some form in the film. IMDB Cast & Crew List

IMDB Review: No spoken Lines In This Excellent ShortNatasha Sims and Shawn Telford carried this charming little movie without speaking a word. Natasha has a very expressive face without being “muggy”. Her expressions beautifully made up for the lack of spoken words. Shawn was perfect as a nerdy writer, so serious his face throughout the film. When a movie is shot without dialog, other aspects of film-making have to take over. Dramatic camera angles were utilized well. An example of the dramatic camera angles include one where the camera was on the floor, shooting up a door where Shawn is fiddling with the keyhole. Music also played an important role in this film. The whimsical sweet music illustrated the innocence of the two lead characters. A mouse is a “featured extra” in several scenes.

Crew of The Delivery
Natasha Sims, Amber Low, Tim Tyler