Rates & Terms

I can work Local as your DoP or gaffer from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR.

Crew rates vary between $750 and $500 (10 hours) depending on the production type (commercial/corporate/doc/non-profit) and the crew position. After 10 hours + lunch, overtime is billed hourly at 1.5 x 1/10th the day rate.

Predefined half days are billed at 65% of the full day rate and are limited to 5 hours call time to wrap. A travel day is billed at 50% of the work day rate plus meals. No charge for equipment on travel days.

Although I don’t do payroll for other crew members, I can call around and check on crew availability, and then offer you recommendations for the best available crew people in the pacific northwest, the folks I work with regularly. They’re skilled, likeable, well-equipped craftspeople who work safely and efficiently.

My complete Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro camera package is $200/day including a tripod, media, lens selection, batteries, filters, gimbal, wireless director’s monitor and even a backup camera body. Flying the DJI Air 2S drone adds $50/day.

The Super Duty E350 van includes a half-ton grip and lighting package that is available at $125/day plus lights as used when you hire me. The current LED light fixture inventory includes:

  • Aputure 600D Pro / 1 @ $100
  • Nanlux 1×2 bicolor soft panels / 2 @ $75
  • LitePanels Astra 6X bi-color LED panel / 3 @ $75
  • 200w COB LED w/32×48″ softbox / 2 @ $50
  • 50w COB LED / 2 @ $25
  • RGBWW LED tubes / 2 @ $25
  • 4’x4 KinoFlo daylight or tungsten (request) / 3 @ $25

Having a separate sound person with a complete audio kit is always preferred, however in a bind I can rig up a nice boom mic and a mixer on tight-budget interviews for $100. Seriously though, a dedicated audio recordist will have wireless mics, timecode, high bitrate audio files and better ears which ultimately means you’ll have better sound.

Payment terms are Net 30.
My gear is only available when I’m part of the crew. Sorry, but I don’t rent out gear.

Please call or email with questions and special requests.